The best from 1999

Hard to choose something I liked from 1999 because it’s some slim pickings. Boy were blogs just random dumps of junk in the early days, at least mine. (Please refrain from pointing out that’s still the case…)

But upon review, two things struck me:

1. I hadn’t realized, or had forgotten, that we launched the public beta of the Pyra project management app on August 4, 1999. And then Blogger on August 24, 1999. In my mind the Pyra app lived for a few months publicly before Blogger, but it was only twenty days. No wonder Blogger kicked Pyra app’s butt. Poor thing never had a chance!

2. The web sure has come a long way, baby! We all know that, but it’s funny to see posts like this one where I want online travel planning to work better. Or this one about how the average person uses the Web once every 13 days and stays there for an hour. I “joke” I use it once a day and stay for 13 hours. Somewhere between then and now, the Web arrived at where I thought it should have already been in 1999.

Oh yeah, and my favorite from 1999? A true maternal conversation, wherein my mom questions my boyfriend databases choices.