Making crab cookies

Ollie making his very own crab cookiesOllie and I have been making cookies a lot lately, ever since I got the awesome Williams-Sonoma Message-In-A-Cookie Cutters. The other day at the supermarket we got a small rolling pin, just the right size for him. So while I rolled out the dough to make “Happy Bday Phoebe” cookies for a birthday party we’re headed to, Ollie rolled out his own dough and used his little crab cookie cutter to make his very own orange crabs! I couldn’t believe he did it, even going so far as using the spatula to lift the cookies off the counter and place them on the cookie sheet.

Pretty soon look for us to open “Kottke’s Kitchen” in the Village, a fancy cookie store where you can get decorated bright-colored cookies for $5 a pop!