A foie secret

Foie biteI have a terrible secret to reveal: ever since Battle Foie Gras, the smell of foie gras grosses me out! I thought it was just temporary, owing to too much handling of the liver during the four day preparation of the torchon. It does have a strong scent that really permeated my kitchen, and the dishtowels I used smelled so bad that even after two washes, I ended up chucking them in the trash! When I ate the torchon, I had a little trouble with the smell, so I tried not to inhale and just attempted to enjoy it as usual. It mostly worked. And I figured it would pass.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving afternoon, when my family and I stood around the appetizer table to enjoy veggies and dip, shrimp cocktail, and some lovely terrines of foie gras from Bouchon Bakery. (I wasn't going to make that torchon again so soon!). As I lifted the first beautifully spread bite to my mouth, the scent hit me. And it wasn't good. After two bites, I was done. Can it be my love affair with foie gras ends thusly? Or will time heal all wounds and soon I'll crave it again? At this point, I don't know. But I'm sad.