The flames were four…

Choire's turkey fire
The flames were four feet high at times. I think at one point we had to dump a ton of rock salt into the grill and slam the cover shut. Heh. Near the surface, it tasted a bit like a Smithfield ham. I loved it, but I might have been the only one.

My friend Choire had some trouble last year, as you can see. Cooking a turkey on the grill is a popular alternative to using the oven, but you need to avoid serious fire. It's important to put a pan beneath the bird to catch the drippings, otherwise you could end up with turkey conflagration for Thanksgiving.

Detailed information about Grilling A Turkey on the Barbecue. They recommend a gas grill because the author's not sure how to get the coals to last. That's silly, add more charcoal as it's going! My uncle does a turkey on my grandparents' charcoal grill every year, and it's delicious.