Martha’s horses don’t smell

You know Martha Stewart is better than the rest of us when even her horses don't smell like shit. November's Martha Stewart Living features a long article on Thanksgiving With Martha. For the holiday, which was actually celebrated in 2005:

Martha invited 20-plus guests–friends, colleagues, and their children–to her farm in Bedford, New York, for a traditional Thanksgiving meal in the light, airy stable she had built just down the hill from her recently renovated farmhouse. While planning the stable's construction, Martha had envisioned it, with its extra-high ceilings and broad cruciform shape, as a place where she could entertain guests as well as keep her horses. In anticipation, she installed a small kitchen right in the barn.

I couldn't find a photo online, but in the magazine there's one that shows the whole group eating alongside the stables, with the horses looking over. Now you tell me, how is it that that place doesn't stink? It's a horse stable! I have never been in a horse stable that doesn't smell. Of course, I've never been in Martha's. Perhaps that's the difference.