Do the Daisy May Pig Gig

Meg and the Pig
Meg and the delicious pig, photo by Jake Dobkin

Do you love pig? Do you live in New York City, or are you willing to travel here? If yes, then you must head to Daisy May's for the Big Pig Gig. You simply need to get a group of pig-eating friends together, make an advanced reservation, and arrive at 8 PM at Daisy May's. There you will be greeted with a succulent suckling pig that's spent the last eight hours in the restaurant's pit undergoing a magical transformation.

Sure, you get mounds of tasty sides, like creamed spinach, sweet potatoes, and baked beans. And you can get a rack of lamb (we didn't) and a pork butt (we did) to accompany your pig. But the pig is so flavorful, so juicy and rich, that you may just find yourself shoving handfuls of it into your mouth, with utter disregard for your burning fingers or bursting belly. I have never tasted anything like the pig I had at Daisy May's. I'll admit to limited barbecue experience (heck, I've never even been to the South!) but I'm pretty damn sure this pig is something special. If I'm ever on death row, this would likely be my final meal. I am already planning a return trip.

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