Important food personages names mispronounced

Speaking of Ruth Reichl, it turns out I've been mispronouncing her name for years now. On Monday evening I went to a talk at the 92nd St Y between Reichl and Michael Pollan (more on that later, when I get a chance to write up my notes…) and the introducer spoke about how proud she was to have Ruth RYE-Shul participating. RYE-Shul?! I've been saying RYE-Kull! But here it is, confirmed in this very handy-dandy Chef Pronunciation Guide from the Gentleman Gourmand. Also Chicago's Alinea restaurant has a chef named Grant Achatz, pronounced "ACK-ETZ". And I've been mumbling "Ah-Shaats". Ay ay ay! At least I know how to pronounce Ferran Adriá, thank you Spanish classes.