Food print continues to go food blog

Back in the Blogger days of 2000, we used to sit around and talk a lot about "what ifs" — What if people used Blogger to publish sites in countries without free speech? What if bloggers uncovered political scandals and exposed them, a la Watergate? What if traditional print media used blogs to publish on a multi-daily or even daily schedule, rather than a weekly or monthly schedule? Jump to 2006 and it's apparent all this, and more, has happened in the world of weblogs.

Lately there's been a lot happening with regards to that third wish: a lot of print's big food hitters (Food & Wine, Bon Appétit) have launched blogs. Today I spotted more, House & Garden has two blogs. One is Dining Out by Jay McInerney (! I didn't even know he wrote about food and wine) and the other is Eating Around by food editor Lora Zarubin. Now what I want to know is: Ruth Reichl, where's your blog?! [via epi-log]