Eleven Madison Park is the hot table

Folks are saying Eleven Madison Park's new chef is great, alas the full article is behind the subscription wall at the New York Sun. But Veal Cheeks also has a write-up, Fennel Fantasia New York City Entry #91 Eleven Madison Park:

Of the over 100 meals, I have eaten this year, Eleven ranks second, just behind Per Se (is all great cuisine left coastal?), and when one realizes that the tasting menus are $75.00 (four course, plus at least four concealed courses), the ratio of joy/dollar ranks just behind Papaya King.

Wow, that's saying something. I always enjoyed EMP with its old chef, now with Daniel Humm at the helm, I'm anxious to try it out again. Second to Per Se?! Dear reader, I'll let you know asap!