Avoiding the microbial confrontation

Our hotel in Saigon produces its own magazine and, in addition to information about the city, it's filled with advertising disguised as articles (adverticles?) for the hotel's restaurants and bars and shops. For those travelers looking to enjoy the best of Vietnam's cuisine without the dangers of illness, the magazine encourages a visit to their "Asian Reflections" restaurant. According to the copy, some of the best food in Vietnam is not the best for visitors because, "[i]t is a question of stomach, of microbial readiness." If you do not have microbial readiness, you can dine at "Asian Reflections" and, "experience the very same dishes — without the microbial confrontation."

I didn't not have 100% MR when we arrived. As such, I met up with MC (microbial confrontation. old. friend.) in Bangkok a few times. Nothing too serious though. Things have been better here in Saigon, perhaps because I've been eating less off the street. Or perhaps because I've finally achieved microbial readiness, just when we're about to head home.