Sacrificing my feet to see Bangkok

Ever since my sandal broke on Cheung Chau, I've had a bit of trouble walking around. Yesterday that trouble culminated with me stepping on glass. We were walking down a soi, which is a small street kind of like an alley, and it had a v-shaped indentation it its middle, serving as a gutter. I was walking and stepped on the incline, which caused my foot to slip out of my sandal. And it just so happened that right there was a soda bottle smashed to bits, so my foot slipped off my shoe and into a pile of glass. Ow!

Luckily we were right next to a 7-11, so I stopped and pulled the glass out of my foot and a nice man came over to make sure I was OK. Jason ran for some band-aids and quickly returned. Luckily too I've been carrying antiseptic wipes in my bag, so with a quick wipe, the foot was cleaned and a bandage was applied. The man proclaimed Jason a hero for getting the band-aids, then he admonished me for wearing bad shoes, and told me to go buy some better ones right away. And like that we were off we went again to see the sights, and I didn't even limp.