A delicious coconut tart discovery

Coconut custard concave tartsAs Jason mentioned yesterday, we've been eating a lot of street food in Bangkok. At first I was a bit trepidatious, but with each item my courage increased. Everything was so yummy. So when we saw this man at the Aw Kaw Taw market pouring some liquid into what looked like a giant egg poaching pan, I wanted to try them out.

Coconut custard concave tartsAs I approached he said it was coconut, so we purchased a little container of them and sat down. They were amazing: warm and creamy, sweet but not cloying, and crispy around the edges because of the thin crepe-like shell. We wolfed them down, and returned later for more. Today I wanted them again but didn't see them at any of the street vendors. They are on my list for tomorrow though, and I will find them again.