A traditional New England dessert

I'm a big fan of traditional New England food and the other night while out to dinner with my parents in Boston, we shared Indian Pudding for dessert. I'd forgotten how delicious it was! So I poked around and found this Indian Pudding recipe on Epicurious from James Beard. While I hate to question Mr. Beard's judgment, I have to report that after making this recipe, I found it too molassesy (as did some others as reported on the site). If you want to make an old-fashioned New England classic, I recommend this recipe, but reduce the amount of molasses. I plan to use 1/3 cup (rather than 1/2) and 1/2 teaspoon of ginger the next time I make this. The next time will be very soon, because even with the molassesyness, it's still delicious, just a bit too sweet for my taste.