A bounty of autumnal flavors

Fall has always been my favorite season, food-wise, and now that the leaves are really changing and the temperature's dropped a bit, I've been cooking up a storm! Squash soup, mushroom soup, salads with apples and walnuts, salads with roasted mushrooms, salad dressings with walnut oil and cider vinegar, etc.

Last night, I made a maple roast chicken with yummy maple roasted vegetables. Instead of basting my roast in melted butter, as I usually do, I added maple syrup to the butter and basted with the combo. I filled the bottom of my roasting pan with small white potatoes, chopped sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips, and whole little white onions. I poured some butter/maple over the top of the veggies, and then as the chicken roasted, the basting liquid and juices pooled to coat the veggies further. The result? Sweet maply goodness! Accompanied by a baby arugula and watercress salad with walnuts and McIntosh apple slices, dressed in the aforementioned walnut oil and cider vinegar (with a splash of maple syrup) vinaigrette, it was a bounty of fall on the plate.

And of course there are my breakfasts of oatmeal with cinnamon, apples, and craisins, which I didn't even mention! Oh fall, how I love you so, with your cool crisp days and your yummy yummy foods!

UPDATE: I posted the recipe for maple roast chicken.