A facility for language?

Something has happened to my language skills and by something I mean they've begun a precipitous decline. Occasionally I use a similar, but incorrect, word when speaking, e.g once I used "disposed" instead of "deposed" to refer to a Latin American leader, an error which, at the time, I attributed to the fact that I lived in Mexico and rarely spoke English. But now this mixing-up seems to be worsening! And fast!

Yesterday while walking with a friend and discussing some serious blisters on my baby toe, I joked that it would fall off and I'd "regurgitate" a new one. Today when I was asked for permission to use one of my photos on Flickr, I mentioned to Jason that I'd allow it, but only if I got "retribution."

Regurgitate, regenerate. Retribution, attribution. What's the difference, really? By this time tomorrow, I might not be making any sense whatsoever when I speak.