Remembrance of the French Laundry Fund

I received an email recently from Maurice Graham Henry, proprietor of Dining In France who'd had dinner at Per Se recently and wrote to share some incredible news.

I had dinner at Per Se last night, and I had the good fortune to see Thomas Keller again.

He asked me anout my website, and I told him that I was recentlay able to recover a write up on The French Laundry (listed on my French Laundry page) on from 2002….written by 'the woman with the French Laundry Fund can'. Thomas remembered immediately, but he never knew that either of you had ever written about the experience. FYI Michael has been working at Per Se since it was opened, and I told him also. He (saying to me, "I tell people about that story all the time!) also never knew about your web postings.

How amazing that they remember! And how cool that Michael is at Per Se. I'm hoping to go there later this year, and perhaps I'll get to have him as my waiter again!