The consequences of visitors

One of the consequences of having so many visitors while I've been here in Paris is that I haven't written nearly as much on this site as I'd intended. Indeed my little notebook is filled with post topics going back to the day after my arrival that have yet to be written. I'll try to get some down when I return, but it's not the same.

I don't know where all the time went, it seems like I just arrived here, and now I find it's nearly May, the flowers that were blooming upon my arrival are all passed, and even the lilac on my terrace is browning now. My French is improved but not where I'd like it to be. I've seen more of the city but not nearly all I wanted to visit. And somehow there remains a list of restaurants to visit, photos to take, and sites to scale. No matter how many visits I make, it's never enough.

Tonight I think I'll enjoy one last plate of oysters — my new favorite thing to eat as much as possible while in Paris — and a nice coupe de Champagne. Maybe I'll wander the streets one last time and get some final pictures of Parisians strolling in the evening. And perhaps one last ice cream. Tomorrow a final pain au chocolat and un express and a long sad taxi ride to Charles de Gaulle airport and the flight back to the US. I must start planning my return as soon as possible!