So much light, so confused

Last night on the plane to France, I changed my watch and set it ahead six hours pretty much as soon as I got onboard. I like to begin my change to my new time zone as soon as possible. So I was little surprised and confused when the plane began its descent at 6:55 AM since we weren't due into Charles de Gaulle until 8:20. "Aha!" I thought, "the time must have changed already in Europe."

But then later in the day, I was at the UPS store overnighting some documents, and they had those clocks on the walls, and it showed New York six hours behind Paris. So I figured I must have been confused, and maybe I just moved my watch ahead five hours or something.

Then, even later, I noticed it was still light out, even though it was past 7 PM. I checked the weather and it said sunset was at 8:21 PM, which seemed very late for April 1st.

Then I bothered to check, and discovered that Europe had already sprung ahead, because they do so the last Sunday in March (see <a href="; title="
When we change our clocks”>
When we change our clocks). All that's a very long and dull way of saying: it's finally dark enough here for me to go to sleep. I stayed up all day and am now very tired, and obviously the lack of sleep caused some sort of time-related mental breakdown. Hopefully tomorrow will produce better time-telling results and less boring posts.