It’s amazing what you find in a mess

Some of the things I had no idea were on my computer's desktop, discovered while cleaning it up:

  1. A recipe for Pickled Oysters with English Cucumber "Capellini" and Dill
  2. A map of the Madaket (Nantucket) bus route
  3. Various torrents of things I never listened to, like Jon Stewart's Crossfire appearance
  4. More strange .pdf files that I must have inadvertantly downloaded than I care to admit
  5. An Excel spreadsheet from 4/2003 comparing the costs of purcasing an espresso machine to going to the local coffee shop to making due with my French Press pot at home
  6. My brother's "updated" résumé from early 2004

From here on out, I resolve to be neater! Next job: cleaning up the 6,935 emails in my inbox (all either read or skimmed), oldest dating back to 9/13/01!