I’m a People of the Year 2004

This is a little bit of old news, as it came out last week while I was on vacation, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. PC Magazine named me, Ev, Paul, Ben, and Mena as People of the Year 2004 for our work in creating Blogger and Movable Type, respectively. My mom posted the "pictures" from the print version of the article: me, Ev, and pb and Ben and Mena. It's still difficult to believe that blogging as come so far, and of course, it wouldn't have if it weren't for the work of many, many others in addition to the "people of the year". So congratulations are in order to everyone — the writers, the readers, and the tool creators. Indeed it appears as if blogs have finally arrived, which means 2005 will be the year of the blog backlash. 😉