Clarified (Brown) Butter

1 lb. unsalted high-quality butter*
Glass bottle
Speed pourer

* I prefer organic with no growth hormones or anti-biotics

Melt butter over low heat until it’s stopped sizzling and the solids begin to separate and float to surface (more will remain on the bottom, leave those there). Skim off the sediment while keeping an eye on color, until all solids (or as much as you can possibly get) have been removed. Allow butter to brown slightly but be careful not to burn it. It can go from brown to burned very quickly so if necessary, turn off the heat while you’re skimming.

Once all the solids have been removed, strain with a coffee filter or cheesecloth to catch any remaining. Pour into a glass bottle (e.g. 12 oz. soda bottle) and fit with the speed pourer.

Store in the fridge (where it will solidify) and remove prior to cooking to allow time to thaw. Will keep indefinitely when stored in the fridge. I’ve found that I use it up before it has any chance to go bad. Use as you would use regular butter (when cooking veggies, eggs, etc.) for enhanced flavor and ability to heat to higher temperature without burning.

Note: This is actually a kind of “Clarified Brown Butter” because often clarified butter isn’t browned. But I like the extra flavor it gives to have it browned a bit.