Late to the moblogging game

After nearly a day's worth of fiddling (and two years worth of delay in getting a mobile with a camera), I've got my phone posting photos to both Flickr and my new sidebar section Photographing. Right now the pictures are just junk shots from around the apartment as I trouble-shot many issues. And here's a weird one for those of you contemplating the Nokia 6600: I was unable to send my photos (as multimedia messages) to anyone until I'd first sent one to myself. Wha? Yup. That's what T-Mobile support told me.

I said to the woman, "Well it's good I called. How on earth was I supposed to figure that out? Why's it like that?"

And she said, "That's the way the system is designed."

Of course that's the way the system's designed. [Insert requisite rant about retarded systems design here.] Aside from that, I'm psyched for more moblogging about town. Now I just need to get out of my bathrobe and actually go "about town."