Kitchen tales and pranks

I've found Waiter Rant through Jason the other day and I've been enjoying reading his tales from the front of the house. Working in a restaurant provides a lot of fodder for stories. Recently we were discussing kitchen pranks, tasks our chef has asked some of our more gullible employees to undertake. Highlights include asking one woman to, "drain the espresso machine" and sending another to, "get the rice stretcher out of storage." I love pranks that sound slightly plausible. There are lots of kitchen gadgets, who knows, maybe somewhere there is a rice stretcher?

We had a good one the other day, but our hapless victim, a culinary intern, had already returned to school. We were going to ask her to, "mix up a batch of okra" to go with the salmon special. It would have been priceless to see her paging through the cookbooks to find the recipe.

And of course, I am so gullible that I'd probably fall for one of these tricks if they ever pulled one on me.