Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks to all who've written with words of encouragement about my adventure in cooking. The flood of support reminded me once again why I love to write megnut and reinforced my interest in continuing with it. For those that were wondering, I don't have any plans to stop the site anytime soon. And I wanted to share one especially poignant email that I received from Warren:

You've never met me, but Blogger did for me what cooking has done for you. I used to work in television, doing technical work. I was good at it, but I knew I should be writing. When I signed up with Blogger, I finally got in the habit of writing something every day, and many friends and family members told me time and again I was wasting my time in television, when clearly I should be scribbling. I took the plunge last year, first going to journalism school and now writing for a newspaper, and I'm glad I did. I know now that whatever career path I take, it'll have to involve writing.

But I wouldn't have been able to take these steps in my life without Blogger giving my ass the kick it needed. I just wanted to say thanks, and to wish you luck in your new endeavor. "Follow your heart" sounds sappy, but it's true. Good luck.

It really was nice to hear this. I think sometimes when I'm trying to make a decision, I focus too much on the negatives and overlook what's been good. Warren's email reminded me, once again, of the impact of Blogger and that makes me feel so happy and proud.