The almost pilot

My new schedule of going back and forth between Nantucket and New York City means a lot of buses (blech) and a lot of flying (yay!). The last two trips I've been super lucky on Cape Air and I've sat in the co-pilot's seat. Cape Air flies Cessna 402's with a single pilot, meaning one lucky passenger each trip gets to sit up front in the co-pilot's seat. And lately that's been me!

Taking off this afternoon from Logan Airport in Boston was especially fun because our little plane taxied along the runway with all the big jets, including an Air France 747. And since I can see all the dials and knobs, and there's a yoke right in my lap, it's like I'm almost the pilot. Except I don't really know how to fly. But I watch the air speed and altitude nonetheless. I've always loved flying, and these recent trips in small planes remind me just how much I love it. I think I'd really like to Learn to Fly. And then maybe someday I'll go from the almost pilot to the pilot pilot. Roger that!