Welcome to the new nut

If you can see this message, it means you've arrived at the new home of megnut.com. Alas, not everything is perfect and there is still some work to be done, but in the coming weeks I'll try to straighten it all out. First thing you may notice is that I've changed the style of my permalinks, which means a lot of old permalinks have broken. I've tried to do some redirecting where I could, but for the really old links (from Blogger days and hand-coding days) the links are just gone. Also, I haven't been able to import all of my hand-coded entries in Movable Type yet, so about a year's worth of posts from mid 2001 – mid 2002 aren't here yet. I'm working to get that stuff back online. Aside from that, I think things are OK. Shoot me an email if you're getting some wonkiness.

In doing this whole process, I discovered something about megnut.com: if it were a house, it would be one of those houses that's got a lawn full of old cars, porches piled high with broken bird cages and sofas with the stuffing coming out, and hallways crammed with books, boxes and dust. By which I mean, what a mess! Five years of haphazard placement of files and random uploading resulted in a directory structure that would make a librarian cry. On the new server, I've tried to be more organized. We'll see how long that lasts.