To Boston by bus or bust

Usually when I go home to Boston to visit my family, I spring for the Acela train because you get guaranteed seating and it's fairly fast (~3.5 hours). But it's also very expensive, nearly $200 round-trip. So this past weekend I resorted to my old friend, the Peter Pan bus. And would you believe it, if you purchase your ticket online in advance (all you seem to need is one day before you depart), it's $30 round-trip. $30! Ok, they stick you with a $4 fee for "will call pick-up" but still, that's nearly six trips to Boston for the price of one train trip. And both ways, my journey was four hours exactly. Sure, it wasn't as pleasant as the train, and there's no plug for your laptop, and they showed the movie The Recruit both ways, but what do you expect for that price? I'm going to take the bus more often, I just can't resist a bargain!