Hawks in Cambridge?

Megnut reader Joanna emailed today with a report of hawks near MIT. No, not Donald Rumsfeld-type hawks, but real live hawks, the bird kind! Someone has even set up a web cam of the hawks so that others can watch the baby hawks grow up.

Outside my window at work overlooking Mass Ave in Cambridge, lives a family of red-tailed hawks – a mama hawk, a papa hawk (smaller than the mama) and two chicks, hatched on Easter Sunday…According to some online research, these chicks will fledge in about another 2-3 weeks. They are just starting to practice stretching and flapping their wings, and often tease each other by poking each other and spreading their wings over the other.

For those of you who will be checking in on the web cam, she also cautions:

P.S. A word of warning to vegetarians – we often see them feeding on rats, squirrels, and pigeons and it gets pretty gruesome at times.

Ah, nature! And in Kendall Square, no less.

Update: apparently the cam is only active Monday through Friday from 9-5 (EST).