Go east, young man

I'm always interested in new places to visit, and for some time, Eastern Europe has been on my list. The BBC has an article discussing the tourist hopes of new EU nations such as Poland, Waiting for the tourists to arrive.

History is just one of the attractions that brings tourists to the resort of Sopot, a short ride from Gdansk – along with natural beauty and 1920s spa architecture.

The Baltic coast is just one of Poland's tourist attractions. The city of Krakow is perhaps a better known one. Then there's the Mazuria lake district in the north-east of the country.

I first became interested in Poland through Maciej's writings. His post about growing up in Warszawa (Warsaw) piqued my interest. And his recent entry on the Tatra mountains of southern Poland, Bukowina Tatrzan'ska made me long for snow! I think a trip to Poland is in order. In preparation, here's a Polish Language Introduction.