The Times on frozen sushi

Interesting article in today's New York Times about the common practice of freezing sushi fish, Sushi Fresh From the Deep…the Deep Freeze.

But because of health concerns and growing demand, 50 to 60 percent of sushi in the United States is frozen at some point in its journey from the ocean, according to wholesalers. And rare is the sushi restaurant that tells customers upfront that they may be eating fish that has been in deep freeze for up to two years.

Most would be even more surprised to learn that if the sushi has not been frozen, it is illegal to serve it in the United States.

I used to be a huge sushi fan, but lately I find the appeal is wearing off. After having it for dinner last night, I was even thinking, "I'm done with sushi for a while." Reading this article doesn't make me want to change my mind, I don't care how 'fresh' the fish still tastes. There's just something about frozen fish that I find totally unappealing. Even if that's the way I've been eating it all along.