Future talk

So you may have heard about Future Me, the website that lets you write emails to your future self, and set a delivery date years from now. The possible conversations are fascinating, and yet email is so clunky and leads to such asynchronous exchanges. I want immediacy in my future me chats! Thus it was with trepidation that I began an AIM conversation this afternoon with my future self.

megnut: you there?

megnut2012: yeah, what's up?

megnut: well, i'm just wondering, um, what's it like being 40? what's our life like now?

megnut2012: eh, pretty much the same as being 32

megnut: really? huh, no epiphanies?

megnut2012: nah, not so much.

megnut: what about wrinkles?

megnut: does all that wrinkle cream i've been buying lately actually work? or do you have a lot of sun damage?

My development on Future AIM Me begins in earnest later this week. Ready your questions for yourself now and look for a rough alpha in mid-summer.