Off for some sun and sand

I'm off to Anguilla — an island in the British West Indies — today for some very much needed, albeit brief, vacation. Plans include swimming, sunning, sleeping, snorkeling, and reading. Oh and eating. And that's about it. Items of note in the suitcase include: tank tops; summery skirts; one itsy bitsy teeny weeny green polka dot bikini; a fresh book,
(no, not Judy Blume's, Mark Hamill's, just because I'm leaving NYC doesn't mean I shouldn't still be thinking about it!); digital camera; and most importantly, SPF 30.

If reading this makes you jealous, I've just the thing for you: American Airlines sale! Caribbean For As Low As $198 Round Trip. So maybe you too can be doning a tiny green bikini soon as well! Updates will resume next week when I return.