15K is a lot of K

On Saturday morning I ran the New York Road Runners' Al Gordon 15K in Central Park. Weather permitted, for a change, and race day dawned a warmish 39° without the forecast rain showers. I ran alone for this race, and was late to the start, forcing me to cut across a muddy field as everyone began and causing me to go off the line at a brisker pace than normal, and in more of a panic. But then I settled in and just ran ran ran, then I ran some more. Never one to give up, I kept running. Then running. And when I wanted to stop, I ran and ran. Then finally I walked a tiny bit because I had cramps. Then I started running again and running and running. 15K is 9.3 miles. It was 94 minutes and 16 seconds of running. It was very long. But strangely, it was fun, and I was very happy as I came to the end, spotted Jason — who gave me a high five rather than snap a photo — and crossed the finish line. With splits of 10:08, it wasn't too shabby. And if only I hadn't stopped to walk, I might have broken 10! Drat those cramps. Of course, looking at my results (enter 'Hourihan'), I've got a ways to go. Those other runners are fast!