Woo hoo Patriots!!

Meg cheers for Pats!Well it was close, but the Pats did it again, and I was happy to cheer when Vinatieri's kick went right down the middle and put the Pats in the lead (and gave them the win). It was a good day all around for things football: earlier in the morning, David and I ran the Gridiron 5K in Central Park. Here's us at the start and more importantly, here were are nearing the end. You can even see my Tom Brady jersey! It was a very slow one for us, the bitter cold had prevented us from doing much training, and the course was a lot uphill. Also David had moved the day before, so was sore from that. What do all those excuses mean? 11:05 per mile. A slow one for sure, but we'll pick up speed again. I hope.