Tomato up?

While this recipe does not share anything in common with my Red Sox Cowboy Up Cookies, and I haven't heard anyone telling the Patriots to "Tomato Up!", nonetheless I have crafted a special tart in honor of my favorite football team: tarte Tatin aux tomates. (And also to bring the a Super Bowl party.) I can't take all the credit for it, since it was in large part inspired by a recipe I found for Caramelized Tomato Tarts in a great new cookbook (more about that soon).

But I love making tarte Tatin, a kind of French upside-down apple pie with yummy caramel flavor. I combined what I saw for the tomato tarts with my Tatin recipe, and voila! Tomato tarte Tatin! It's baking now, so I've no idea yet if it's any good. If it turns out OK, I'll post the recipe here.

Until then, Tomato Up you Patriots fans! Or, as my father so eloquently signed off in an email to me earlier this week, "Go Pats scratch out the Cats!"