Things that seemed cool when I was little…

…that don't seem so cool now that I'm older.

One in an occasionally series.

My best friend when I was little (who was also named Meg but is a Margaret not a Meghan) and I used to go to gymnastics several times a week. We were very limber and could do splits with both our right legs and our left legs forward (not at the same time, of course). We were also very into the movie Grease and I had the album (which was an awesome double-album with pictures from the movies in the middle). So when Margaret would come over after school (I always called her Margaret because otherwise it was like I was talking to myself), we'd always play Grease on my parents' stereo. And for some reason, we'd do splits. And we'd hold them for the whole side of the album, because for some reason this seemed like a really really really cool thing to do.

It occurred to me as I was telling Gina about this today at work that perhaps it, in fact, wasn't as cool as it seemed at the time.