Five restaurants in Paris

The New York Times had an article the other day about Comfort Food at Comforting Prices in Paris. While all five spots sound delicious, I'm especially tempted by Le Petit Pontoise if only because it's located on rue de Pontoise, the location of my mother's first apartment, rented for her 1996 sabbatical.

[O]n a recent visit, there was a wood crate filled with freshly gathered girolle mushrooms. It's the season, and the mushrooms were too tempting not to order. Quickly sautéed so that they remained juicy and slightly chewy, they were perfectly accented with garlic and parsley.

I'm really longing for a trip to Paris, it's been just long enough (seven months) that I'm missing it very much, especially since my favorite mittens from La Samaritaine got a hole in the thumb! I mean, I could replace my mittens here in NYC, but somehow French mittens seem superior, certainly these ones are, except for their hole.