Pitter-patter goes my heart

For my birthday this year, I asked my parents for a Polar S120 heart rate monitor, but what with being sick and the frigid and horrible weather, I hadn't had a chance to try it out. Until this afternoon at 3 PM, when I strapped it on to monitor my heart rate while I watched the New England Patriots play the Indianapolis Colts for the AFC Championship, and a trip to the Super Bowl.

Below you can see my heart rate during the course of the game, mapped against the score of each team and some key plays. Throughout the course of the game, I wrote down my data, the time, and what was happening.

chart of heart rate while watching AFC Championship game

Average heart rate during game: 87 bpm

Max heart rate during game: 125 bpm

Average heart rate during the day: ~68 bpm

I didn't even see that max rate, it was just told to me by the watch after the game. It must have happened at the beginning. Anyway, my heart's very erratic when I watch the Pats, but probably not as erratic as when I was watching the Red Sox last fall. Next up? Hopefully just tracking my progress during a run along the Hudson River.