Kinja System Administrator

Update: As of Feb 01, 2004 this position is filled.

Are you a great sys admin? Are you looking for a new job to start the new year off right? We're looking for a kick-ass sys admin here at Kinja. Feel free to pass on the job listing to anyone you think might be interested.

Job Description: Sys Admin

Kinja, a weblog media project based in NYC, is looking for a part-time contract System Administrator. As Kinja ramps up, the position will likely transition to full-time. Kinja is creating a reader’s digest of weblogs to bring the medium to a larger audience.


Looking for a new opportunity to administer and support a high-profile web application and network architecture. Not afraid to solve tricky issues. Enjoy small team environment. Strong communication skills. Willing to speak your mind but know the meaning of compromise. Believe that the users come first. Easy-going and hard-working. Interested in personal publishing/weblogs.


Kinja was founded in 2002 by Nick Denton and Meg Hourihan. Meg Hourihan co-founded the weblog publishing tool, Blogger. Nick Denton has founded several companies, most recently Gawker Media, publisher of niche weblog magazines such as Gawker and Gizmodo.


 + Unix/Linux system admin

 + High load/high availability web server admin

 + Apache httpd server admin

 + SMTP/sendmail

 + BIND 9

 + Familiarity with weblogs

 + Experience working with small teams and constrained budgets

 + Located in NYC area


 + Linux/iptables

 + Tomcat/Java J2EE server

 + MySQL admin

 + Linux Virtual Server

 + Interest in bringing weblogs to a wider audience

 + Work on-site in our Tribeca office


 + 6 month contract, with possibility of extension

 + Rate based on experience, but lower than equivalent corporate jobs

Please submit a resume and cover letter in the body of a plain text email to with the subject “Kinja sys admin”. No attachments please. Qualified candidates will be contacted in early 2004.