The reason I write megnut

Earlier today, I happened upon old posts (never published) about Parisian restaurants. I decide to publish them, for no reason. My friend Alaina reads them and thinks, "Meg will like this Parisian food weblog. I will email it to her." She does. I read the email and then load up Chocolate & Zucchini in my browser. I am instantly in love, even before I see the entry for Oeuf Cocotte. I am now anxiously awaiting the time to read all the archives, and even more anxiously awaiting my (currently unscheduled) return to Paris. I've got a serious Paris jones. I've got a serious Chocolate & Zucchini crush.

Update!! Chocolate & Zucchini author Clotilde is a software engineer! But wants to leave it all behind for a cooking a career. She's my French twin!