Humor alert

The other day, I wrote a post saying weblogs are ruining Google. I hate to do this, I hate to explain a joke, but it seems there's been too much confusion. No, weblogs are not ruining Google. I was kidding because, see, this is what people do: they search for something on Google, a weblog is one of top responses, and then they piss and moan about weblogs ruining Google, etc. Do I need to resort to writing "J/K" next to all silly posts?

The other funny thing — at least to me — is that both times I used the expression "text wrap" in my query, rather than the more common "word wrap." So it extra made sense that Google would return my post to me. And funnier still was the fact that I'd forgotten I'd already looked for a text wrap plugin for Eclipse months ago. So you see the levels of humor here? Did you ever suspect megnut posts had so much depth to them?