Snow running success!

Just like the Postal Service, neither wind nor snow stopped me, David, and Alaina from running this morning's Hot Chocolate 15k. Designated a "fun run" by the NY Road Runners, it wasn't timed, and the distance was reduced to 6 miles. But it was fun. Not only are we crazy enough to run in a blizzard, David was crazy enough to moblog the event!

Our time? 1:04.38, not too shabby with all the snow on the ground and wind in the air. And at that speed, there was lot of opportunity for gabbing along the course. And of course, our fearless supporters Anil and Jason were there to cheer us along. Meanwhile, unless it stopped snowing while I was sleeping (which I doubt), it's been snowing since ~11AM yesterday, which means we're into our 30th hour of snow! But I think I'm done being out and about in it. From now on it's all BB&B — baths (hot), bed, and books.

Update: one final photo snapped by Anil that I call Triumph!, aka Us at the finish.