Warmed with Jamie and chicken

David Loftus for The New York TimesAmander Hesser's The Mediterranean Sun Warms Rainy London is perfect for a rainy New York day as well. Hesser chats with the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver, while he cooks Braised Ligurian Chicken.

"What I found quite interesting with this dish, being English," Mr. Oliver said, "is that when you eat this, it's quite delicately flavored. It's perfumed with the wine and the rosemary. You get this kind of meaty kind of saltiness from the olives…[w]hen you cook olives whole like this, it's almost like an anchovy. The salt comes out of the olives, and the olive becomes more like a vegetable. And the salt from the olive flavors the chicken really wonderfully."

There's also a special "interactive feature" with Hesser and Oliver, but I haven't watched it yet.