The front page of the Boston Globe says it all: Heartbreak Again. It was so close, they played so well, and then you just knew. As Pedro Martinez took the mound in the 8th, everyone at the Riviera (the NYC Red Sox bar where I watched the game) looked a little anxious. Shouldn't he come out? we all wondered. And then the Yankees' bats woke up. Shouldn't Pedro be taken out? we said to each other, huddled in front of the TV, the raucous crowd now silent. More hits, people pleading at the TV, For God's sake, take him out!! until the Red Sox were no longer wining, and the game was tied. And just like that it had fallen apart, again. Boone's 11th inning home run sealed the pennant for the Yanks, and silently, numbly, we exchanged good byes, murmured hopes for next year, next year, and I walked home alone.