Adventures in Barcelona

9:55 PM Scheduled departure from JFK

1:30 AM Actual departure from JFK

11 PM Normal bedtime in NYC

3:30 AM Watching BBC World in hotel room, wide awake

11 AM Requested wake-up call time at hotel

8:30 AM Actual wake-up call, unbeknownst to me because I didn't look at my watch before I hopped in the shower

0" of water on floor after shower in NYC

1" of water on floor of bathroom and hotel room after 8:30 AM shower with unwieldy Spanish shower head and flimsy shower curtain

Ah, the joys of travel. Actually, aside from these slight problems, things are off to a fine start here in Barcelona, and I've been having fun speaking Spanish and meeting lots of nice folks. And drinking many cortados — coffees with a splash of milk. Yum!