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I'm looking for some great example sites of teenage girl bloggers for an article I'm writing. I'd like to highlight a mix of styles and topics, both diary-like sites and linky sites. Know of any? Please add suggestions to the comments. And feel free to mention your own, but only if you happen to be a teenage girl blogger. Thanks for you help.

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  1. Meg, perhaps as a nod to the folks who have contributed URLs here, you could include a link to this thread accompanying the list of teen girl weblogs…”for some more weblogs by teen girls, check out this list of recommendations by my readers….”
    And 0+ (if that is your real name), maybe you should wait to read the article before you make accusations based upon it. Take your assumptions and go grind your ax against some other stone.

  2. John, don’t give me major snaps and then pretty much state that my writing lacks originality. I do not idolize Heather, damnit. Say it to my screen next time, bucko!

  3. Not sure how I found this, but Vatic is a great website…written by a tech-savvy female in her freshman year of college. (Website has been around awhile).

  4. To the guy who’s accusing Meg of plagerizing (WHAT I don’t know, seeing as how she hasn’t written anything yet), I think the Rick Bragg (who was, incidentally, from my hometown) situation was just a tad bit different than this. In that he had someone write something, and then he put his name on it. I don’t think that asking for some good links in a particular category really constitutes fraud in quite the same way. As for sources, I think the comment system works it out for itself, don’t you? In order to post a link you have to leave your name and email address. As for whether the sources are going to be in the article, well, you could just try waiting for the article to actually, uhh, exist, couldn’t you?
    Sheesh, such hostility!

  5. The article Andy quotes above has definitely some info for you, look at this data:
    “Blogs are currently the province of the young, with 52.8% of blogs created by people under the age of 20.
    Females are slightly more likely than males to create blogs, accounting for 56.0% of hosted blogs.”

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