Summer’s bounty

Meg (another blogging Meg!) over at Meg's Food and Wine Page perfectly captures my recent eating feelings:

We modern supermarket-spoiled humans can eat the same hothouse tomatoes and New Zealand apples all year round and therefore can so easily forget to appreciate the immediate wondrous bounty and the immediate wondrous freshness of this time of year. No analysis, no history of food, no fancy cooking or political context — just the pure greedy immediate joy of eating lots and lots of fresh vegetables. Eating them with intense pleasure because they are going out of season even as they produce, because all this goodness means summer is almost over, and the days of winter squash and potatoes and salt pork are coming again.

With sadness this morning I looked at my ripening tomatoes, wondering how many I could eat tonight for dinner. For tomorrow I'm off on vacation and won't be back for 10 days. I plan many visits to Bartlett's Ocean View Farm though, so that I can continue to enjoy the best of summer's bounty.