How to revive Niagara Falls

Apparently the once-great travel destination of Niagara Falls is in a serious slump. The Independent (UK) reports the city is looking to open casinos to attract more visitors.

The windowless casino is a mark of desperation from the city on the American side of the falls to attract more visitors to its roaring water and hanging mists. The depressed community, stricken by high unemployment, believes the casino may be the only chance to turn around the city's fortunes.

But I've got a better idea. Those familiar with the area know that Niagara Falls sits on the border with Canada, where the government of Ontario has recently legalized same-sex marriage. So rather than build a casino, the city should organize gay marriage packages: help with the arrangements, shuttle people across the border, renovate all those honeymoon suites, and bundle cheap airfare from Boston and NYC into the deal. Niagara Falls was always known as a marriage & honeymoon destination, why not uphold the tradition and revitalize it for the 21st century?