Winged Migration

Last night I went to see Winged Migration, an amazing film that follows various migratory birds on their journeys. Like Director Jacques Perrin's previous documentary, Microcosmos, I felt completely transported into the film's world. But I was really saddened by a scene towards the end, when a mean bird killed a baby penguin.

The penguins didn't seem organized to fight at all! I mean, there were only two mean birds and many penguins, and I think they could have totally taken those nasty birds in a fight (remember how Tsar vs. serfs turned out in Russia a while back?). All they need to do is organize. They've got sharp beaks and I bet they could do some serious pecking. Instead, they just squawked and squawked, and the mean birds were not deterred by this at all. I know we don't want to disturb nature's delicate balance, but I think we should help the penguins mobilize. Who's with me?