Get your ROBOT groove on!

Looking for something fun to do in NYC this weekend? Eyebeam (a not-for-profit media arts organization) is hosting a four-day festival beginning Saturday July 12 called ROBOT.

The four-day event will examine current applications of robotic technologies on creative practices, activism, consumerism and physical intimacy. Eyebeam will conclude the event July 15 with a party from 6-10pm featuring music by DJ-I ROBOT, the first random-access, fully analog robotic DJ. All events are open to the public free of charge with a suggested donation.

There will be activist robots, marketing robots, personal robots, sensual robots (ooh!), artistic robots and even party robots! Hopefully everything wil stay under control and there'll be no outbreak of humans vs. robot fighting, machines rising, etc. because these robots sound so talented, I fear they just might win. I hope they don't hear me say this and get all cocky now!